Out of Touch

by Brothertiger

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palehorse666 what a beautiful album. this dude's voice is PERFECT for this style of music. it fits like a glove, and makes for a dreamy synthpop masterpiece. absolutely one of my new favorite acts. wish I could find this on vinyl, though. would buy in a heartbeat. Favorite track: Fall Apart.
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dwoodward First found this on Reddit and instantly fell in love with the laid back, feel good, atmospheric quality of each track. It's appeal is universal, going to bed, working out, or just chilling, it scratches your itch. Favorite track: High Tide.
Josh Augustin
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Josh Augustin GET HYPED; chillwave, glofi, electropop, whatever you want to call it, Brothertiger is the greatest! Favorite track: Out of Touch.
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Sinking to the floor I found another life Waking to the color Fading I was rusted Unrecognized Molded to the others Making a connection To the other side Thought I found a lover Lost into ascension To my blinded eyes Calling for another Let go of your lying eyes Let go Hanging on to someone That I recognized Bright beyond the colors Withered to the marrow I realized Nothing like the others Falling through the floor I came upon your eyes Thought I found a lover Searching evermore I demoralized Calling for another Let go of your lying eyes Let go
Time and again I’m rushing to the end I could never really figure you out And when it comes to this I’d rather reminisce ‘Cause reality is wearing me down Open up your eyes to the sunlight Breaking the dawn When the night draws out And my hopes are gone This fire is still burning Right into my bones I don’t want to stick around this town anymore The wake you form is surrounding us The days are gone and we’re starting over The wake you form is surrounding us Drowning in the water Filling me up I open up my lungs To breath I have begun As I go between the night and the dawn I calibrate the sun And follow everyone To find I’m barely hanging on Open up your eyes to the summer night Silent and warm As the light endures like it did before These tides are still turning Right into the shore I don’t want to stick around this town anymore
You, you came into this life To see what you could find You took me for a friend Afraid, I know you feel this way But I can’t seem to take Your mind away from it And I know these things will fall apart I’m growing from the very start I finally see the place Where you and I will make our final mark Upon our interrupted hearts And finally a flame erupts inside And I feel the wave crashing down I hear that solitary sound I feel the wave crashing down All around, you were always on my mind Go, see it to it’s end Make all your amends and tell me when it's over Fade into the silent light I feel it all the time But you don’t recognize this world I feel for you my love I’m afraid of this world Fall away from the night
Midnight coming I’m farther away than I used to be Running down these city streets Where the future beckons to me We’ve got nothing Written down in our history Moving on two hearts agree But you can call on me On the horizon line I see the form reflecting in time In the blue-green light There’s a movement all around me I feel there’s something Coming on this sudden breeze Colors changing on the leaves The scene’s got nothing on me Drift from the softness Drawing out this strange disease Moving towards the deeper seas The future’s calling to me
Satin shadow These eyes couldn’t capture Forgetting myself As the days are running faster Connecting the edge Of a life to another Sending the echoes Of an essence rediscovered Calling out again To the silence of the deep wood Looking at the world with a new light Following the fallen leaves That drift along the water I can hardly recognize What I am on the inside You could stay but I don’t care Enough for anything in this life These days I’m unaware of what Is really deep inside Faded, fallen I’m engulfed in emotion Your careless calling Is alive with devotion The sudden silence Deviates from the steady sound I’m flooded with defiance As the echo races all around Coming to the edge of the forest In the deep wood Looking at the world with a new light Following the voices That are drifting through the water I can hardly recognize What I am on the inside
(as written in The Second Jungle Book...) One moment past our bodies cast No shadow on the plain; Now clear and black they stride our track, And we run home again. In morning-hush, each rock and bush Stands hard, and high, and raw: Then give the Call: "Good rest to all That keep the Jungle Law!" The dew is dried that drenched our hide, Or washed about our way; And where we drank, the puddled bank Is crisping into clay. The traitor Dark gives up each mark Of stretched or hooded claw: Then hear the Call: "Good rest to all That keep the Jungle Law!"
You run through the forest Away from it all You soak in the current With your back to the wall You swim through the tides When the summer calls You follow the sounds of The waterfall I follow to the edge And I fall to the floor I swim in circles And I drift evermore It seems I can’t remember Who I was before I’m floating in an ocean That I can’t explore But I can hang on to the surface In flowing, oscillated time My lungs are filling up with water But I won’t sink to the void I climbed to the top Of the fiery wall I swallowed my emotions And embraced the fall Exploring through the silence Of the shadows call I’m swimming through the current And I feel it all
Open up the doors into my mind Fill me up with colors So strong and refined Go into the place that we call A paradise Where everything around you and I Is alive Falling through the memories to explore I could not imagine what I was looking for You, you’re just a presence of something Before Never mind the sadness you’re bound to Adore All again there is nothing wrong I’m floating in the ocean for days Hoping to find myself again So I dive beneath the waves Show me down the path you know is right Now I’m just a traveler Who’s lost in the night I can’t tell the darkness Apart from the light Reaching for some substance With all of my might Running through the memories I explore Struggling to imagine what I was looking for Counting all the places where I stood Before Til I came upon you as I walked through The door Save me, oh my will Save me, ever still Won’t you save me? Oh my will
We’ve gone so far beyond emotion In daylight Surrounded in my own mind Against the cold night
Hallowed ghost So suddenly I find Wandering the night Growing shadows on the floor Falling through I have to look inside Reflected on my eyes There I see myself before Child in the dark Grows fond of all illumination Emanating from the city light Leading ever on Towards the outskirts of this city Where our pasts would reunite Our pasts would reunite I’m calling out But I’m too far gone to see you When the night falls I drift into the chasm below I know now That I am still no different From anything around me I still implore Following The footprints left behind Trailing through the times Where we’ve gone through once before She can open up my eyes To deeper seas Of distant memories That I’m dying to explore Child in the night Moves forward to a new direction Moving towards a new and distant light Leading ever on Towards the outskirts of this city Where our pasts would reunite Our pasts would reunite


released December 4, 2015

All songs written by Brothertiger except “Jungle Floor,” which includes lyrics from Rudyard Kipling’s “Morning Song in the Jungle,” from The Second Jungle Book.

Produced by Brothertiger and Jon Markson
Engineered by Matt Boynton at Vacation Island Recording, Brooklyn
Mixed by Jon Markson at The Gallery Recording Studio, Brooklyn
Mastered by Justin Colletti at Joe Lambert Mastering, Jersey City

Brothertiger - vocals, keyboards, synths, guitars, some bass
Jon Markson - background vocals, guitars, bass
Nick Pope - drums
**Additional guitars by Will Walden

Cover and sleeve artwork painted by John Jagos, Sr.
Design and Layout by Kenny Phillips
Cover painting photographed by Jimmy Noyes


all rights reserved


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