Shipping and return policies for Brothertiger

Shipping Info
Vinyl records and CDs ship via USPS media mail when applicable. For all orders, please request if you'd like us to ship the record outside of the jacket.

Q: "Why do you charge $6.50 for domestic shipping?"

A: We use top-of-the-line vinyl mailers from Whiplash. These are, in our opinion, the "Cadillac" of vinyl mailers, and they protect the product much better than your average mailer. They cost about $2.50 per mailer. Add to that the $3.33 for media mail postage, plus tape and label costs, and you've got about $6.50 worth of shipping and handling. We are proud of the products we've produced, so that is why we invest so heavily in the handling of those products for shipping. It's always awful to get an email from a fan with pictures of warped vinyl or ripped jackets. We do our best to avoid that, and we pack our products well to ensure that they make it to your record player safely.

Q: "Why is international shipping so expensive?"

A: We aim to make shipping costs as cheap as possible, but with postage prices increasing weekly, there is only so much we can do on our end. The price you see is the quote we get in our shipping software when we put the package on the scale and input the dimensions. Every ounce adds dollars to the rate. If there was a cheaper way, we'd use it!

Q: "Why can I only buy 4 pieces of vinyl at once?"

A: Our Whiplash mailers can comfortably hold 4 records for a shipment. Any more than that, and we'd need to get a bigger box!
Return Policy
Email at the contact link provided or for any shipment issues.